Judge hears testimony on one-drug executions

From a mailgroup where this message was added onto the media article to correct some notions mentioned:

…the American Nurses Association has adopted a policy which involves requiring unconditional and unequivocal repudiations by registered nurses of participation in any component of the implementation of capital sentences….the notion, therefore, which is below floated that registered nurses might be commandeered to start and/or to maintain the patency of intravenous lines used to infuse one drug, ten drugs or a million drugs is a false notion….the mantra about doing no harm is as applicable to registered nurses as it is to other medical professionals….in peace….

and District Attorneys who do not seem to be able to find their ‘better angels’ pursue executions:

From the SF Chronicle:
By Linda Deutsch, on July 13th 2012

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A California team of executioners is rehearsing how to use a new lethal injection to end the lives of death row prisoners with a single drug, an expert witness testified Friday.

John McAuliffe, a former corrections officer who has been contracted to develop the new single-drug protocol, made the disclosure before a judge who is considering the Los Angeles County district attorney’s bid to immediately execute two death row inmates.

McAuliffe said the execution team would be composed of registered nurses who know how to insert IV lines.

Executions in California have been on hold for years while appellate courts consider the legality of the three-drug protocol now in place in the state.

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