New Email Group and Movement: Prisoners’ Families United to Take Action

Our new email group and movement, Prisoners’ Families United to Take Action, is intended for all families with loved ones in prison throughout California from all walks of life, all racial backgrounds, all economic backgrounds, all cultural backgrounds and all California prisons – from Pelican Bay in the far north to Calipatria in the far south – to come together as one in unity, building resistance and taking action against CDCR (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) to fight for our loved ones’ human rights. Resistance of families in unity as one! The more families from all different prisons that bind together, the more power we have to take a bold stand against CDCR to stop their corrupt tactics on our loved ones suffering in segregation.

Families have been inspired to unite by the unity California prisoners demonstrated during the hunger strikes of July and September 2011, when a historic 12,000 prisoners in 13 prisons joined the strike. Families are the strongest voice of our loved ones who suffer within these segregation units – SHU, AdSeg and ASU under CDCR – whose voices have been silenced for years and decades with the torture they have had to endure.
We as families need to carry their voices to the general public to be heard in a bold way during this battle against CDCR and fight for our loved ones. It is up to us, the families, to convince the general public that prisoners – whether they really committed crimes or were wrongly convicted – are human beings who deserve human rights and respect for their dignity.
We are sick and tired of the cruel and inhumane CDCR practices of indefinite solitary confinement, gang validation that can’t be challenged, “security threat group” labels that keep our loved ones in segregation, negligent medical care or none at all, little to no food, no rehabilitation programs, guards inciting racial violence for their amusement, denial of and harassment during visits – and we will expose their cruel tactics to the public!
Families’ unity statewide is needed now more than ever to carry the goals of the five core demands to fruition; we cannot and will not leave our loved ones to fight CDCR alone and risk death or permanent damage from starvation once again. We are the loved ones of men and women suffering inside the torture chambers called segregation units within those prison walls, and our voices will be heard.
There are a couple of ways to join this new email group and movement: Go to and search in their Yahoo Groups section under “PrisonersFamAction,” or go to the group home page and join by typing this in your internet browser:
To send a message into the group after you’ve joined, just send it through your email to:
Most respectfully and moving forward in the struggle,
Kendra Castaneda